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Thomasville, North Carolina, is a community in the western part of the state that is home to about 27,000 individuals. Together with High Point and Lexington, Thomasville forms the so-called Piedmont Triad. The century-old furniture industry in the area has long made use of quality hardwoods harvested from forests in the region.


The community is named after John Warwick Thomas who farmed almost 400 acres here in the 1820s. Thomas became a state representative in 1830 and a state senator in 1848. In anticipation of the arrival of the railroad, he built a general store at the intersection of what is today Salem Street and West Main Street. By the 1890s, over 750 people lived in Thomasville. Over the next couple of decades, the furniture industry blossomed in the city. By 1916, over 2,000 chairs were being built every day in the community.

Parks and Recreation

Those with Thomasville NC real estate enjoy a wide variety of park facilities maintained by the city. There are five playgrounds, three tennis courts, six outdoor basketball courts, baseball diamond and football stadium. The 7,000 sq-ft skate park is very popular. The city also offers two recreation centers, a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Attractions and Activities

The city has a very unique attraction, The Big Chair. In 1922, the Thomasville Chair Company built a giant Duncan Phyfe armchair out of Swiss steer hides and lumber. This monument to the furniture industry remained until 1936. In 1951, a permanent concrete "big chair" was built, and it was even larger than the original one. During the 1960 Presidential campaign, candidate Lyndon B. Johnson held a rally at the monument and it gained national attention as a result.

The 1870 train depot is an interesting piece of Thomasville real estate that is one of the oldest remaining train depots in the state. Some believe it to be the most authentically restored depot in North Carolina. It is now the home of the historical society, and the depot regularly hosts traveling exibits.


Many that have Thomasville NC homes look forward to the festival called Everybodys Day, which is the oldest festival in North Carolina. This late-September event includes arts and crafts exihibits, food vendors, live music and more.

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